Call For Papers/征稿主题

Call For Papers/征稿主题

2020 International Conference on Civil, Architecture and Pollution Control (ICCAPC 2020) aim objective of ICCAPC 2020 is to present the latest research and results of scientists related to Civil Engineering, Architecture and Materials and Pollution Control.


The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

I. Civil Engineering/土木工程

1)  Structural Engineering结构工程
2)  Bridge   Engineering桥梁工程
3)  Geotechnical Engineering岩土工程
4)  Geological Engineering地质工程
5)  Tunnel, Subway and Underground Facilities隧道,地铁和地下设施
6)  Seismic Engineering地震工程
7)  Road and Railway Engineering公路和铁路工程
8)  Hydraulic Engineering水利工程
9)  Coastal Engineering沿海工程
10)  Water Supply and Drainage Engineering给排水工程

11)  Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air 

Conditioning Works

12)  Disaster Prevention and Mitigation防灾减灾
13)  Monitoring and Control of Structures结构监测与控制

14)  Structural Rehabilitation, Retrofitting and        Strengthening

15)  Reliability and Durability of Structures结构的可靠性和耐久性
16)  Cartography and Geographic Information      System制图和地理信息系统
17)  Surveying Engineering测量工程
18)  Computational Mechanics计算力学
19)  Construction Technology施工技术
20)  Computer Simulation and CAD/CAE计算机模拟和CAD/CAE

II. Architecture and Materials  / 建筑和材料

1)  Architectural Design and Theory建筑设计与理论
2)  Building   Science and Technology建设科学技术
3)  Urban   Planning and Design城市规划与设计
4)  Landscape   Planning and Design景观规划设计
5)  Building   Environment and Equipment             Engineering建筑环境与设备工程
6)  Building   Energy Saving Technology建筑节能技术
7)  Ecological   Architecture生态建筑
8)  The Traditional Building Materials传统建筑材料
9)  New  Building Materials新建筑材料
10) Intelligent Architecture智能建筑

III. Pollution Control / 环境污染控制

1)  Environmental Materials 环境材料 
2)  Environmental Safety and Health 环境安全与健康 
3)  Environmental Analysis and Assessment 环境分析和评价 
4)  Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring    and Management环境纳米技术,监测与管理
5)  Environmental Chemistry and Pollution Remediation Engineering环境化学与污染修复工程
6)  Monitoring  and Control of Pollution污染监测与治理
7)  Pollution   Control Project (Gas, Liquid, Solid,    Light, Sound) 污染控制项目(气体、液体、固体、光、声)
8)  Waste   Disposal and Recycling 废物、污染物处理和回收 
9)  Lean  Production Process 清洁生产过程 

10)  Soil and   Water Conservation and 

Desertification Control 

11) Renewable Energy Engineering(Solar, Biomass, Wind, Nuclear,   Hydrogen, etc.) 可再生能源工程 (太阳能、生物能、风能、核能、氢、等等) 
12)  Energy   Storage Technology 节能技术 
13)  Energy   Security and Clean Use 能源安全和清洁使用 

Ⅳ. Other related topics  其他相关主题